DatiphyTM Partners with San Jose State University to Nurture Next Generation of Data-centric Security Professionals

Data-centric Audit and Breach Detection Startup Donates Flagship Technology Platform and Research Grant

San Jose, CA – January 26 (latest), 2016 – Datiphy™ Inc., a pioneering startup in data-centric audit and behavioral forensic analysis, today announced the donation of their DatiDNA™ platform, as well as a research grant to the Department of Computer Science at San Jose State University. The technology and monetary grant will be trusted to the care of Professor Melody Moh. The DatiDNA™ platform will be available to students taking related courses or conducting research in the areas of database security, auditing, forensics and compliance.

“Datiphy’s donation to SJSU is a great example of industry and academia working together to solve important issues such as cybersecurity, digital forensics and big data analytics,” said Professor Moh, “While students and professors are highly motivated to work on these topics, the school has limited resources to move forward. With the help of a sponsor like Datiphy, the university can not only offer advanced courses based on state-of-the-art technology, but can also strive to make an impact in real world database environments. Speaking on behalf of the Department of Computer Science, we are extremely grateful for this donation.

” Professor Moh and her colleagues will be offering classes in Cloud Computing, Advanced Network Security, Web Analytics and Machine Learning. SJSU students will be able to use the DatiDNA™, data-centric audit and protection tools to gain hands-on industry insight.

Dr. Jason Yao, Vice President of Business Development at Datiphy noted, “With the explosion of data being witnessed globally, this partnership will help future IT professionals hone their abilities and gain practical experience dealing with today’s cybersecurity realities. Since perimeter defense alone are no longer sufficient to protect networks and data, students will learn how to recognize and respond to breach incidents as they occur in real-time rather than days, or even weeks after events occur.”

The Datiphy DatiDNA™ platform audits every data transaction rather than a sample of transactions thereby dramatically improving the accuracy of data analysis and visualization of asset relationships and behaviors. Analytics can also be exported as feeds to other security tools like governance and compliance tools, fraud detection or SIEM, ensuring their policies are based upon highly reliable data sets and not methods that produce false alarms.

About Datiphy
Founded in 2015 in San Jose, CA, the Datiphy platform fills the gaps that exist between point solution tools and glues various capabilities together to visualize your entire enterprise data lifecycle. The key technology is its Adaptive Data Behavioral ModelTM (also called DatiDNA™) providing the scientific certainty of analyzing the entire data pool as events occur in real-time. A command portal enables centralized management and natural language queries empowering users to find any data asset within seconds and see the context of every interaction that has occurred among all other assets. For more information, please visit www.datiphy.com.

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