Solution Brief:
Risk Assessment Report

How much is prevention worth when you are in the midst of responding to a data breach?
Prevention is necessary but detection is paramount in ensuring that you know who is accessing your sensitive data. Many organizations are still not reacting fast enough to intruders; and compromises are detected months after a breach occurrence. The cost of a breach is a function of lost time to discovery – the faster you can detect and block, the faster you can recover your losses.

Risk Assessment - Advanced Persistent Threats

Solution Benefits

  • Generate risk reports to evaluate the current snapshot of your environment
  • Identify potential in-bound threats before a malicious actor has the chance to invoke command & control 
  • Incite risk tolerance to accurately gauge cyber insurance needs and risk requirements.
  •  Enable real-time detection from where it counts the most – the data!

Organizations managing sensitive data need to drive business decisions through risk metrics and risk assessments. The cost of a data breach is a function of lost time to discovery – the faster the detection and blocking, the faster the recovery of losses.

Patented Adaptive Risk Analytics Engine 

Datiphy’s Risk Assessment Report takes into account access anomalies, vulnerabilities, and threats to give you an overall risk score of your organization. Security analysts and auditors (both internal and external) can utilize our report to prioritize a plan of attack and to create mitigating controls. Our patented technology is non-intrusive and formulates a behavioral pattern before any hackers can exercise their means to exfiltrate your sensitive data.