Datiphy – About

Founded in 2015 in San Jose, CA, the Datiphy solution is based on a key technology Adaptive Data Behavioral Model™ (also called DatiDNA™) which provides risk assessments by analyzing database transactions in real-time. Our highly scalable solution consists of Host and Network Agents that deliver in-depth activity monitoring of databases. The enterprise level platform uses behavioral analytics, and data-centric auditing and protection capabilities to mitigate risk. Our mission is dedicated to the continued innovation of security technologies that provide comprehensive scalable database security and management solutions.

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Datiphy – Threat Intelligence

Datiphy solution provides the evidence, context, and mechanism by which malicious individuals gain access to your sensitive data. By piecing together a timeline of events, threat intelligence model can be created to track user data accessing behavior. Based on the Data DNA models and analysis, Datiphy Enterprise can report data exfiltration, signal the violation, trigger alerts, identify the source, and inform your SIEM tools for actions.

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Datiphy – Hospital Use Datiphy DatiDNA™

Modern hospital IT professionals face challenges in monitoring patients sensitive data for operation integrity, preventing life, financial and reputation loss. This video shows how a real case customer, a hospital with 3 billion data transaction each day, adopted Datiphy solution to quickly detect and restore a data loss incident within 20 minutes.

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Datiphy – Splunk Add-on: Monitoring Your Database Activity Logs

Datiphy expands Splunk Universal Forwarder with database activity log functionality through the Datiphy-Splunk Add-on. Examples of such database activities are access involving large number of database records, privileged users off-hour activities, SQL injection, sensitivity data access such as personal and financial information, etc. Splunk dashboard can display a timeline of all such database activities collected by Datiphy add-on, and Datiphy can provide drill-down ability to further analyze the activity details.

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Datiphy – Splunk Integration

Datiphy expands Splunk Universal Forwarder with database activity log functionality through the Datiphy-Splunk Add-on. The add-on module is light weight and already pre-packaged with Datiphy agent with Splunk Universal Forwarder. There configuration overhead is from zero to minimal for immediate information collection. The add-on works for either new or existing Splunk deployments. The collected data is normalized so you can easily correlate it with data from other log data collected by Splunk from hosts, network, access, application, web, etc. This video contains a demo showing how Splunk dashboard shows database activities collected from Datiphy add-on.

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DatiDNA™: Genetic Information of Every Database Transaction

DNA in life science can identify susceptibility to sickness, disposition to illness, and even life span. Similarly, Datiphy develop Data DNA model which contains fundamental building blocks to correlate the sensitive database activities and determine health and risk of the business. Datiphy identifies the genetic marker of sensitive data, maps it to the baseline of assets, events, and policies, and be able to discern the negative behaviors for risk alert and report.

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